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Castlecool Simon Coveney hails ‘exciting’ end to milk quotas - http://t.co/FV4lz8yt9B - via @irishtimes
Castlecool Ready the Supply Chain for the IoT Storm - http://t.co/oin51qYTbw - via @HaileyMcK
Castlecool Congrats to BWG on clinching the winners title in the Checkout awards. Delighted to be a finalist!! http://t.co/h7HEfY9ihJ
Castlecool Thermo King extends shipping distance of perishables - http://t.co/Rf6tZRIO87 - via @Globalcoldchain
Castlecool Access for Irish beef to 1.3 billion Chinese consumers moves closer - via @AgrilandIreland - http://t.co/rJ34o1Fq7L

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Castlecool - Temperature Controlled Warehousing & Logistics

Castlecool is a logistics company with a fresh approach. A company with well established management and operational experience, we understand that our customers need to be sure that their product is secure and treated with the highest level of care and efficiency possible.

We understand that our customers demand the highest technical efficiency available, which we strive to provide. As well as the most modern refrigeration systems, we have the most up to date technological computerised warehouse management system, with fully radio controlled modern forklift trucks.

Our customers require a diverse range of services in line with their diverse range of products. We will process any customer requirement from a single box order to a high volume contract, with a range of value added services in between.

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